Welcome to Dakota Dining Deals!

How many times have you said or thought to yourself. “Where can we go to get a local food and drink special?” Dakota Dining Deals answers those questions for you.

We started this company after asking ourselves those questions over and over. Besides who ever said, "Let’s go to a bar or restaurant and pay full price?" Our company will show you who has the specials: what, when, and where! With a few easy clicks you can figure out where to get food and drink deals today, tomorrow, or next week!

We developed this unique company because, like so many others, we enjoy the convenience of going out to eat - or the social aspect of enjoying a couple drinks! Since our cellphones are basically little computers we carry all the time, this information is all at our fingertips.

Save our site to your smartphone's homepage! Then it'll be handy to check specials every day!

Dining Out Around Sioux Falls Just Got a Whole Lot Easier!

"It's nice to know that I can find a good meal deal close to me!"
~Brenda D.

"I never knew I could find a current restaurant special so easily!"
~Jamie T.

"Our family wanted to go out to eat but we wanted a place we could walk to. This made it easy."
~Don D.

"Didn't want to drive too far since I knew I'd be having a few beers."
~Lee H.