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One day...

A few friends were hanging out and decided  to go out to eat.

And then...

The three friends all started looking online to decide where to eat. One was trying to find a restaurant that was close. One was looking at a particular restaurant's menu online to decide what she was hungry for, and the other friend was considering the cost. He wanted something close, but he was also looking for a great meal at a great price. Sure, some restaurants do have a daily or weekly special - but which ones? It was time consuming to look up or call for each restaurant's online website menu,

After spending the next hour searching for the right place to eat, a new idea was born. The friends built a website (and soon an APP) that allowed the user to find a location nearby with great food or drink specials.

Establishments we love...

Kaladi's Bistro    Stubbies Bar & Grill
Botskis Bar & Grill    Northstar Grill & Pub


Meet the Team

The team is those same three friends...


Pete is the idea guy. Obviously, this man is always looking for a good deal when he goes out to eat.


Andrea is the organizer. She takes what she hears from the other two and tries to make sense of it all.


Sherri knows just enough about the internet to be dangerous. She tries her best to follow orders.